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I've been occupying my time home by listening and borderline obsessing over Arctic Monkeys. This set of photos are slightly old, possible two or three weeks old! I haven't gotten the inspiration to do anything lately other than to play my guitar and wishing the hours would just rush by. I'm trying to get myself back into the swing of things but it's so difficult because I literally have nothing to do! The other day I crocheted two hats and an infinity scarf and to boot I made two new pair of skirts. I guess I was lying when I said I didn't have the inspiration to do anything lately - I've pretty much used up all of my resources and now I feel like I'm in the anti climatic part of a novel, and all I can do is to wait for this book to end and for the next one to start.

I've brought out my amazingly comfortable pair of rosheruns. It's the second consecutive post featuring these babies but I can't help it! I've mentioned it before but I'm gonna go ahead and say it again: I am just completely head over heels over the thick white sole look. Another look I'm currently diggin are pencil skirts. I feel like they're everywhere nowadays and I've already stocked up on a couple of pairs for myself!

Shoes x NIKE
Chambray x SUNGEI WANG


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I know I'm late to the sports shoes party, but as they always say, better late than never right! (Except for that birkenstocks party, I don't think I will ever attend that one!). I've been on the hunt for a pair of Nike Rosheruns for the longest time and I don't know what about it that caught my eye, but I have to say the thick white sole is one of the factors as of why I'm inclined to own a pair. I'm not usually the polka dot type of girl, in fact when it comes to shoes I only buy black pairs. This was an impulse buy, ain't going to lie and aint ashamed to say it, these were purchased on a whim. I told myself to take a leap of faith and go ahead and buy polka dotted shoes while at the same time sort of push myself to wear quirky clothes more often.

I wore this out on my journey back to KL last week for Raya. Speaking of which, how has your holiday been?

Do excuse my grumpiness in these photos. I was having somewhat of a bad day!


Room Makeover

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If you've ever seen my room before the makeover I'll tell you now that it was, well, dingy and cramped and 50 shades of ugly. It wasn't the best thing to look at but I love my room regardless. The walls used to be painted half way - two walls were painted while the others were its original authentic white colour that had eventually turned a dingy shade of cream through the times. It's mostly my fault for the half-assed paint job. I was probably 15 years old and I was restless and bored at home and begged my father to let me paint my room (I eventually gave up halfway cause who knew painting walls could be so taxing!). 

My room has transformed quite a lot in the past year: I got a (sort of) new bed frame - courtesy of mia madre (she got a new one and gave me her old one) an actual vanity table and we installed a bunch of shelves for my and my sister's books. I love industrial type of decor - I tend to gravitate towards raw and organic elements such as exposed wood and metal brackets and I tried really hard to make my room look like how I've always envisioned it without additional expenditures and also keeping in mind that the room doesn't house me alone. It isn't the room of my dreams but it's somewhere along those lines and it's pretty good progress if I could say so myself.

I've had this lamp for years and I really like the contrast of the red against the grey walls of my room. I got these fairy lights in Jonker Street a couple of years ago. It used to hung on my wall back in my college room and while I was unpacking I thought of lacing it around my bed frame and it looks absolutely stunning when lit.
The beautiful artwork, may as well be my first ever artwork, was a Christmas gift from Javin. He knows me so well that he bought something that was true to my style. Doesn't it blend in flawlessly with the rest of the room? I think it looks really cool propped up in the corner instead of being hung. Also, I'm a lazy wrench and I didn't want to drill holes into my beautifully painted wall that I oh-so-painstakingly painted myself.



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THE CHOKER OBSESSION IS REAL. Kylie Jenner has been looking mighta fine lately and she's been booming all over social media right now. Her fashion choices are always on point and I'm not entirely sure who brought back the chokers, but Kylie Jenner has been rocking it and she got to me. I was scavenging and cleaning out my jewelry collection the other day and I found so many old charms and old necklaces that was in dire need of revamping, and voila, I have instant chokers! I didn't even need to go out and buy new ones! I was so happy to find a tattoo choker among my other necklaces. You know those faux tattoo chokers that used to be so in during the 90s (not pictured), I'm so glad I didn't throw it out because I've been sporting it for days now. Chokers, oh chokers, I am obsessed.


Here & There, and Pretty Much Everywhere

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Photos were taken around mid June - when my hair was still blue and I was still staying in KL.

The last few weeks had been a blur. So much has happened since the last I sat down in front of my computer and write about my actual feelings. I've officially relocated back to my hometown of KK and I'm living in my parent's house, the exact house I've grew up in. The next few weeks I'll be busy tying up loose ends - I really hope that in a few month's I'll be in this exact situation, in front of my computer but all the way in the UK. Do cross all your fingers for me!

All sorts of emotions had been flying around as of late. Good friend, Kenny has left for Switzerland and it was both a joyous yet depressing moment. Saying Goodbye is never easy. Moving back to KK wasn't a piece of cake either. I had to take multiple trips back and forth just to be able to transfer all my things. I knew I own a lot of shit, but damn, I never thought it would be so exhausting to keep all that shit - in fact, I threw/gave away almost 30% of my stuff and yet I couldn't fit all of my stuff in one single trip. In a lot of ways I'm sorta grateful that I had to make all those trips back and forth because I simply cannot say goodbye just yet. I've spent most of adolescent college years in that place and I'm deeply attached to my friends there. Like I said, saying Goodbye is not easy. 

Sometimes being such a sentimental person sucks, but I've been so lucky to have made so many thoughtful and kind friends that have been there for me throughout the entire time and has been one of the biggest causes of happiness in my life there. Thank you everybody who has made the time to hang out with me, both old ones and new ones. And not forgetting my gracious parents for being majorly understanding as well, and I couldn't be more thankful. I should really be so lucky.

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