Dear November

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Dear November,

I hope December will be better.

I hope I will get better.

Drama aside, I'm actually feeling much better nowadays! Gonna try to finish up my assignments as soon as possible and winter break here i come!



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A couple of weeks ago I went to Thorpe Park for the Fright Night event and holy crap I loved it! Extreme coaster rides feels like a whole different experience in the dark. Fright Night at Thorpe Park is perfect for all the adrenaline junkies and horror movie lovers, much like myself (although I don't consider myself the latter). All in all, my friend and I managed to go on almost all the big extreme rides (minus one or two) and sadly only one of their horror mazes. The lines for the haunted mazes are ridiculous, they take up to over an hour to get in and we weren't going to spend hour precious time waiting in line while we could have gone on two or three different coasters!

Since it was Halloween themed, I wanted to dress up and get in to the spirit. I knew that it'll be cold out now that it's autumn in the UK but I didn't want to bother with the hassle only a winter coat could cause. Sometimes winter coats can be a bitch and strain my back and shoulder due to the weight, and for some confusing reason I tend to sweat whilst in them, even when its cold out. I think that the perfect fuss free alternate would be a nice comfortable pair of hoodie. 

I bought this hoodie from the men's section in Primark and DIY-ed the rib cage graphic with just a stencil I made out of drawing paper and white acrylic paint. I honestly think that a skeleton is by far the easiest and most last minute costume to whip up on Halloween. I dressed up as one last year, and being a skeleton just really resonates with me, for some weird reason. Maybe because it's dark, much like my soul!

So what did you dress up this Halloween?




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My Malaysian 26 degree weather clothes have been desperately calling out to me for weeks. I've been trying my best to utilize my wardrobe while I still can before the temperature plummets. I find that knee socks is a great way to keep my legs warm while I wear shorts and dresses. I love to wear them at home too, since I'm so used to wearing shorts in my room (apparently this is a rare sight in the UK) these babies have kept me warm and toasty. I nabbed up this oversized jumper/dress/sack looking thing from Primark for about £4 at the sales rack. I have a love hate relationship with Primark, I kid you not, you cannot enter a Primark Store and leave without purchasing anything.

Guess what yaaaaall, I have finally bought myself a tripod! I've been into photography for years but strangely I've never bothered to invest in a good one. For years I've been justifying the need to own a tripod with the notion that I don't really need it and that I'm perfectly capable surviving with makeshifts tripod, i.e. books and boxes stacked up on top of each other. I've tons of ideas that I'm dying to try out but I imagine it will be ridiculously difficult to carry out without the help of a tripod. And not to mention, those Amazon deals can psychologically break a girl's willpower, especially late in the night. It's due to arrive in a couple of days time and I'm excited!


UPDATE: Youtube

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I'm starting this off with a big fat apology. I'm a horrible blogger, obviously. I really should work harder to keep the content running here. As of late I've been venturing into other platforms of social 'media'. Besides posting daily artsy photos on Instagram, I've started to post videos on Youtube. I'm an avid Youtube watcher and I can't go to bed at night without watching a video or two from my subscription feed. Now with all my new found free time I finally went ahead and try out the whole vlogging thing. And I must say, I've really been enjoying it so far! I've decided to continue on doing it and by no means will I stop blogging (the two sort of go hand in hand with each other). If you're still interested to see what I'm up to lately you can head down to my channel.

If you've enjoyed watching any of my videos do give it a like or subscribe even, if you want to of course. I appreaciate any feedback, any at all. If it sucks, do let me know because obviously, I want to get better at it!

Till next time.



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This set of photos were taken about a week before I left home. Like that overplayed Let Her Go song, "You only miss the sun when it starts to snow". Although it hasn't snowed here in the UK, and I heard that it wouldn't be for anytime soon, I do miss the sun nonetheless. Oh the overcast skies of England. I've been out of the sun for far too long and for the first time I actually hate the fact that I'm turning paler by the second! Ironically, as I write this down the sun is shining through my window and directly in my face as we speak. I really should be outside and chasing the sun but then here I am, watching The Vampire Diaries on my bed. Yay, me!


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