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It's the time of the year again where we dress up, have breakfast in the morning and shop till the heat catches up! Markets is back once again and here we find me and my friends awake at 9 in the morning just to grub and prepare ourselves for the long day ahead, like it's a tradition of ours. Markets this time around was a bit different and instead of having the bazaar around the inner compounds of Jaya One, the vendors are instead situated withing The School, Jaya One, which might I add is a work of art!

Like always, I get all psyched up for Markets the night before and am all excited trying to figure out what to wear to the party. I try not to be repetitive with my outfits, seeing as I've tried the jerseythe maxi skirt, the cut off denims and there's the angsty cheerleader, where do I actually go from there? (As you can see, I'm an avid follower of Markets!) I knew it was gonna be a hot day, especially when there are tons of people moving out and about so it makes sense that I dress accordingly and prepare for the heat.

Usually when thinking of outfits, I like to coordinate around a main piece of garment - for this particular day I chose this paisley flare skirt that I got from ZALORA. I thought that it'll be the perfect piece as it's not too constricting and not at all too conservative. Pairing tops to match with it wasn't an easy task - trust me, I went through quite a pile of crop tops - but in the end I chose this polka dotted turtleneck. The juxtaposition of polka and paisley worked astonishingly well and resulted in a dainty combination that somehow seems to blend in smoothly with another. The silhouette's of these two well fitting garments made it seem like I was about to reveal a racket somewhere in my tiny purse and pull a Maria Sharapova on you. Converse is only appropriate in this situation. For accessories, (I usually don't have the energy to accessorize) I went for my daily necessity Casio mini and a Cotton On studded cuff that seemingly matches the top I'm wearing.

Check out my middle part! Trying out a new look, remember. I'll only ever do a middle parting when my hair is in tousled waves.


Lately I've Been

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I've been losing sleep.

Had PARTS Hour. It was the first time we perform with our club shirt and it was also the most exciting PARTS Hour we've had in a long time. The spirit within the dance division is firing up, and I honestly I've grown attached to these crazy kids. Don't know what I'll be without this group of idiots. 

I love idiots. 

Well this happened. I'm not going to even try to explain why and how it did.

Been drinking a shit ton of coffee. Not to keep me awake, might I add - that shit don't work on me.
I, too, enjoy being a hipster.

Tofu boy turned 21. He celebrates by wearing a t shirt of a minion dressing up as Captain America

While we celebrate by eating cake.

Watched a live monologue play titled Emily of Emerald Hill, courtesy of Niki Cheong. (I've got an awesome lecturer. Can't say the same for his students though - pretty much just me)

It was breathtakingly beautiful.

If you're interested, drop by DPAC on the 17th of April 2014 to watch it! Details are available on their website.

Recent choice of dorm decorations. I suck at hammering. And I'm a terrible nailer. 
Nudge my thick unruly over-arched caterpillar eyebrows

And of course, I couldn't resist but to post Mendy Cutie Patootie. Have you met her? She's as sweet as sweet potato can be!

Favourite Lipsticks.

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Here is something I don't talk about very often - makeup. I don't wear makeup often at all, in fact the only time I ever use it is on special occasions such as dinners and parties, and of course for dance performances. Recently I've been gravitating towards lipsticks and I don't know why! And get this, I don't even wear it out often; I just love collecting it and for the idea that I could wear it out on those special days. I was telling my mom about how I really like lipsticks lately and she responded in kind, saying she is no different than I am. She has her own crate filled with lip products under her vanity table!

One of my all time favourite lipsticks are these Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks. They're cheap and the colour range is astounding! What I love most about these lipsticks are that they're matte (for the most part) and they last for hours! They are quite drying on my lips, so I make sure to use lip balm before applying the lipstick. I love these lipsticks so much, I have it in four shades! I even got my mom, sister and some friends a pop last Christmas! I had a blast picking out a shade for them, there were so many shades available, it took me about a week to figure out a shade for them!

The four shades that I own are 901B Think Pink, 907C Mauve Outta Here, 912C In The Flesh, 966 Don't Blink Pink. Don't mind me, I had so much fun taking these photos I kinda got carried away! 



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Featuring Brandon Joshua Hon, Elreena Nasip, Mendy Chang, Wong Chi Kay, and Javin Chong.
Filmed and edited by Elreena Nasip
Song credits goes to Watson's Malaysia.

This is our submission for Watson's Move Your Body contest. We filmed and edited this 2 days before the closing date! I heard about the contest before but I never thought to join cause at the time I was completely swarmed with assignments and projects. When I suddenly remembered about the contest, it was already close to the deadline. So I called up my best buds and took out my camera. We filmed this over a period of two days, the first being the shoe shot and the second being the more dancey shots. Took me about 6 full consecutive hours to edit this so that I could make the deadline.

Even though we didn't win (results were announced yesterday) I really love how this video turned out. Everyone looks really good and you can actually see how much fun we are having! It's the first time we've done such a thing. We've (we as in kdu parts) been struggling to come out of our shell for the longest time and I think this participating in contests like these are the first steps of leaving the coop. I wished we could've started earlier then maybe this video could have had more people in it. Next time, definitely!

Enjoy the video, and tell me what you think!


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I have a problem. I've an addiction for lying down on random clean (or not so) floors - all for the sake of a good photo. I've done it before and I apologize to my friends who are forced to tolerate my shit. Maybe perhaps I think that walls are a bit too overdone at this point, so in attempt to stay ahead of the current I chose the floor. You know that fad where people starting planking, and then there was owling, well now I present to you flooring (?).

It's been weeks since this set of photos were taken but I've been so occupied with projects after projects that I find it hard to even sleep! It's been the busiest set of months I've ever experienced. Dance has been taking up all of my time and don't even get me started on my assignments. Everything is due on the same week and I haven't finish anyone of it. I can't wait till this month is over and done with. Once everything is done and over with I'm going to hibernate in my room and not leave my bed. I really just want to stay at home and not talk to people. At times like these, the introvert within me is begging for some quality alone time. I've already bought some books with my voucher and I feel so guilty cause it sits, untouched, on my desk. I look at it everyday and sigh at how I wish I could just drop everything I'm doing to cuddle up and read. Soon, I hope.

Mullet Skirt x BY ELREENA
Heels x ZALORA

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