My London Fashion Week Experience

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Whoa man, talk about timeliness - it's definitely a concept that I do not have a hold off.

It's been approximately a month since I went off to volunteer at my first ever London Fashion Week. "How was it like?" you ask. Well, it was an enthralling experience, I give you that. Will I do it again? Maybe no. 

Here's a basic run down of what us volunteers had to do:
We arranged goodie bags, made sure the hall was neat and organised, usher the guests around, pick up trash when the guests leaves and we repeat. For five days. I must admit, it was cool for the first couple of days but the enthusiasm died as the days go by. I mean, its volunteer work! What do you expect right?!

Either way, it was a fascinating experience and definitely learned a couple of things inside and out of the runway. Living in London was a challenge, that's for sure. There's so much hustling in and out of tube stations and I swear I lost weight from all the commuting I've done (of which I overcompensated with all the London food around). I really enjoyed that week away from uni and I've even made two videos documenting it. If you haven't give them a watch please do! (Don't forget to like & subscribe please :3 )

Playing with the Faux Pro

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That one time where I get to dress up and play with a go pro knock off.

Making Videos

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Making videos can be hella stressful and it takes up quite a lot of my time, but hell it's so satisfying to make one. I'm definitely one of those people that prefer staying indoors, editing, than to go for night out. Call me boring, call me old fashioned, call me an introvert, I'm all of those and more. I admit, it is quite a narcissitic hobby - seeing as I have to look at myself for hours. It does make me cringe, believe me. I never EVER re-watch my videos after I upload them, dully cause I feel like I'm such a knob and I hate seeing myself as a knob. I do like rewatch vlog videos time to time, just to you know, relive it and what nots.

Filming on your own is not a walk in the park, definitely. And if you're almost blind, like I am, focusing will be the bane of your existence. What I usually do to stay in focus is I use my remote trigger to take a photo of myself standing where I plan to position myself. That's it really. I just then continue to record and have a bunch of these awkward 'posed-what-the-fu-am-i-doing' photos.

Some of them do turn out pretty cool. Instead of it being archived and forever forgotten, I figured I should upload them here. Plus, I haven't uploaded in ages! Gotta get werk werk werkin now. 

x, e.



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There's just something about this song that eerily gets to me.
It possesses such a beautiful and yet haunting melody that suits so well with the current season.
I was glancing through twin's blog at I Broke My Shades and I realised how much I miss going out for photoshoots. I'd love to scout around town for a good photoshoot location but it's been so cold lately that I find it hard to even leave the house. As of right now, the interior walls of my bedroom will make do until the weather warms up.


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