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I'm unhygienic, and that's okay.

Pretty in Pink

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Spring in England is absolutely beautiful. It gets pretty warm here in the South West region and some days I can get away with exposing my stems while on other days I try not to get blown away. I've been taking advantage of the warm weather and busted out all of my shorts and dresses whenever I can. Basically all my thick and winter clothing have been packed away into storage and I wouldn't have to think about them anymore for months.

Spring has been treating us really nicely with the blossoming of flowers. They are everywhere and I appreciate how much greenery and foliage surrounds my uni this time of year. However, I'm one of those with an endless list of allergies and every morning I am greeted with a sneezing fit. My allergies to pollen are not that bad but the other night I had a terrible itch in my right eye that left me going about with a swollen eye for a few days. Despite the sneezing and the constant inner battle to itch my entire body dry, the flowers and the warmth provides an amazingly refreshing view.

Lost in London

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London has got me feeling all sorts of ways. People always say that the hustle and bustle of this beloved city is both inspiring and exciting, and it truly is but everyone always leave the sweaty and cramped bits out. I'm the laid back type, so being on a constant move is exhausting and frankly, it makes me moody and angry. Basically, I pretty much blend in well with the locals.

There's no deny that the city is beautiful and full of wonder. The last time I was there I went on an eating binge so hard that I had food babies for weeks. Getting lost in London is always a fun experience. Take it from the girl who went on a bike ride through zone 1 without directions or mobile battery and survived to tell the tale, with a stomach filled with deliciously grilled lobster to boot. What my near-death experience remind me was that life is spontaneous, dangerous and exhilarating. We are creatures of habits and operate in routines. There's nothing wrong in organised days but I often find the inkling of unfulfillment when weeks go by. Any change in routine, whether it be the paths you take or the restaurants you visit, would bring some glimmer of life back into mundanity. 

If you find yourself in a bit of a downer brought by disappointing encounters with what you imagined to be a lovely city, get lost in it. Deviate from routine, or what people tell you what to do and what not to do. Bring back some excitement into your life. And continue living it.


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