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There's just something about this song that eerily gets to me.
It possesses such a beautiful and yet haunting melody that suits so well with the current season.
I was glancing through twin's blog at I Broke My Shades and I realised how much I miss going out for photoshoots. I'd love to scout around town for a good photoshoot location but it's been so cold lately that I find it hard to even leave the house. As of right now, the interior walls of my bedroom will make do until the weather warms up.


Happy New Year!

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Although I've been living in West Malaysia for 4 years now, I've always celebrated New Years back home. This year is the first time I spend New Years away from my family and with my KL friends instead. It was great to see my friends again and it felt like as if I hadn't left at all. We just picked up where we left off! I've missed them so much and had an amazing time catching up with each and every one of them. Sadly however, I wished I could have stayed longer and made time for more friends but if I have to choose I will always put my family first. Nonetheless, this Winter Break has been pretty damn amazing and I'm missing them loads already.

An Appropriate Attire

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I've been dying to wear these pair of boots for the longest time. I was gifted these beautiful pair of Zara boots by my dad 6 months ago and I've never had the occasion to wear them. It wasn't a wise choice of everyday footwear whilst in Uni with all the hills and walking I had to do! Since I got them, all I've done with it is to play dress up in my room. Poor little booties.

The other day my family had a quaint little breakfast with some family friends and the first thing my mom told me that morning is to "wear appropriately". Now in my mom's book, the word 'appropriate' is actually a synonym for 'conservative', and that is the bane of my existence. I left all my long sleeve tops in uni and all I have were crop tops, sheer tops and shorts galore! I had to borrow my brother's tshirt and sweat it out in a denim jacket. O the horror!

It didn't really matter, because I had pancakes that morning and I finally got to wear my beautiful boots out! It's definitely going to be a regular shoe choice while I'm home!

Jacket x LEVI'S
Top & Shoes x ZARA

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