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THE CHOKER OBSESSION IS REAL. Kylie Jenner has been looking mighta fine lately and she's been booming all over social media right now. Her fashion choices are always on point and I'm not entirely sure who brought back the chokers, but Kylie Jenner has been rocking it and she got to me. I was scavenging and cleaning out my jewelry collection the other day and I found so many old charms and old necklaces that was in dire need of revamping, and voila, I have instant chokers! I didn't even need to go out and buy new ones! I was so happy to find a tattoo choker among my other necklaces. You know those faux tattoo chokers that used to be so in during the 90s (not pictured), I'm so glad I didn't throw it out because I've been sporting it for days now. Chokers, oh chokers, I am obsessed.


Here & There, and Pretty Much Everywhere

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Photos were taken around mid June - when my hair was still blue and I was still staying in KL.

The last few weeks had been a blur. So much has happened since the last I sat down in front of my computer and write about my actual feelings. I've officially relocated back to my hometown of KK and I'm living in my parent's house, the exact house I've grew up in. The next few weeks I'll be busy tying up loose ends - I really hope that in a few month's I'll be in this exact situation, in front of my computer but all the way in the UK. Do cross all your fingers for me!

All sorts of emotions had been flying around as of late. Good friend, Kenny has left for Switzerland and it was both a joyous yet depressing moment. Saying Goodbye is never easy. Moving back to KK wasn't a piece of cake either. I had to take multiple trips back and forth just to be able to transfer all my things. I knew I own a lot of shit, but damn, I never thought it would be so exhausting to keep all that shit - in fact, I threw/gave away almost 30% of my stuff and yet I couldn't fit all of my stuff in one single trip. In a lot of ways I'm sorta grateful that I had to make all those trips back and forth because I simply cannot say goodbye just yet. I've spent most of adolescent college years in that place and I'm deeply attached to my friends there. Like I said, saying Goodbye is not easy. 

Sometimes being such a sentimental person sucks, but I've been so lucky to have made so many thoughtful and kind friends that have been there for me throughout the entire time and has been one of the biggest causes of happiness in my life there. Thank you everybody who has made the time to hang out with me, both old ones and new ones. And not forgetting my gracious parents for being majorly understanding as well, and I couldn't be more thankful. I should really be so lucky.

OUTFIT: Kenny's Farewell

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When I was thinking of what to wear to Kenny's farewell dinner I didn't even need to think twice about it. I've been meaning to wear this dress out again as it's my best creation thus far - the halter neckline accentuates my top half beautifully, AND DAT BACK DETAILING DOE. You can call on me for tooting my own horn but I made a knockout dress and you should be jealous. Yeah. #lolnopleasedonthateme.  So when I flew back for the dinner I didn't even bother packing a spare dress because I was entirely sure that I'll be wearing it, and I was glad I did. Yet, the dumbass in me completely forgets to pack appropriate shoes to go with it, but thank goodness I decided to wear my trusty H&M Vans-Knock-Off early on for the trip. Having a majority black wardrobe is a good thing. 

Despite my initial worry that the sneakers will cheapen the entire look, it actually just toned down the fanciness of the attire and made it look more casual which was fortunate for me because I was afraid to show up overdressed. I have the tendency to overdress to occasions sometimes (hey, not my fault that everyone else is lazy to dress up). It didn't hurt to have my feet comfortable for the whole night either.

I finished off the look with these cute bangles gifted by Kenny himself, and my trusty metal plate belt that easily upgrades any attire to look more chic and fancy.


We will meet again, Kenny!

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Farewells are never easy. It's safe to say that I left the dinner without dry eyes. Having to hug somebody that you knew would leave to a far off land will definitely make you cry like a little bitch. I never realized how much I would be missing this guy right here.If you can choose three words to describe this friendship I would pick: Dance, Drama & Cool Shoes. I love to gossip and rant about drama with this guy and don't ever get me started on how much dancing we've done together. You could clearly see how much of a manja I was all night, pulling out pouty faces whenever I can. Almost to the end of the night after we surprised Kenny with the Ice cream cake, the juniors in turn surprised me with a lovely cup of my favourite Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream as a mini parting gift (although I'm not leaving so soon, and no way am I saying goodbye to them like that!). We had amazing food all night, and having wonderful company that results in the most wonderful time is the icing on the cake. 

So Kenny, be good in Switzerland. Stay healthy, keep yourself warm, remember to have regular meals and continue to work on that body of yours (not like you really need it). I know you well enough that you wouldn't stop dancing no matter how far you are from home, so continue on. Know that I am always here on the other side of the telephone if you ever need me. Will see you again soon one day.



LBDs at LB

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We all initially planned to go to Helipad on a Friday night but unfortunately we arrived at the building to find it closed for a private event. We were all bummed to say the least, but after a hasty 10 minute search to find a good rooftop bar we came across Luna Bar. We've all heard about it and reviews online say the same thing: it was a nice place to lounge around and the drinks were at a reasonable rate. We did have a wonderful night there albeit the slight downfall.

While we were planning this little night out, Alanna mentioned that she'll be wearing a black dress and coincidentally I was planning on wearing the black dress that I made months ago (on the count of that it was the ONLY dress I have left back in KL) and so did Mendy. In the end the LBD took over.

Since it was a backless dress, I didn't want to wear a bra that will ruin the whole aesthetics of the dress nor did I want to go through all the hassle of stick on bras. The cage bralette that I made around the same time was the perfect match for this dress and best of all I didn't need to worry about any slips or wardrobe malfunctions! For shoes however, because I was in the midst of moving back into my parents house I didn't have any fancy smanchy heels lying around. These white boots suited unusually well paired with the dress and I really love the juxtaposition of these street style boots paired with a fancy black dress. Things just kinda fell into place and I love how it turned out!

I've never seen the city from above in my 3-4 years staying here. KL is beautifully mesmerizing at night.


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