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"Merry Christmas, you filthy animals"

On Christmas, I was a bear all day. Had a lovely Christmas dinner with some buds and it was nice to put all the heavy drama aside for a night. But guys, can we talk about how fleek my eyebrows are in this shots?!?! I have good days and bad days but this is definitely a good one!

"From Oh Deer, to Yes Deer"

I found these neon glitter stags at Paperchase for only £1! They were cute but those neon glitter exterior isn't gonna cut it for me. I gave it a quick metallic paint job and voila, they look absolutely beautiful! Next up I'm gonna put some adhesive on it's neck plate and parade them in my room. Might even hang some necklaces on em too!

"Blue View"

My new midnight blue sheets make the perfect canvas for everything, including my sausage legs. They're not as soft as the sheets I got back in Malaysia which is something I never really appreciate to be honest. I bought a cheap red set from Aeon Big a long time ago and it's the softest thing in the world - which I've only noticed when my friends pointed it out. I think the next thing to do when I get back home is stock up on bed sheets! 


When New Years came around I told myself that I need to be more organised. I need to do more and plan more so naturally a planner is needed. I'm very specific as to how I'd like my planner to be so going planner shopping was very frustrating to say the least. I'm not so busy that I need a daily planner and although monthly planners would be better suited for my lifestyle, there aren't much available out there. The 'perfect' planner I've found so far is the Oh Deer x Urban Outfitters one, but £15 is too much for one to spend on a book. So instead I just made one out of the many blank books I've collected on my journey. It's monthly based with a to-do list meant to be filled at the beginning of the month and an achievements/reflective page for the end.

Between the poshiest of the posh

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We were trying to find a way to Tower Bridge and we walked right pass this beautiful alleyway. The guard standing on the side told us that we could just walk through there cause it's apparently a shortcut to the bridge. Fortunately for us, we get to strive through One Tower Bridge, a recently built penthouse/luxury apartments and fuck me, that place is the poshiest building I've ever get to strut through.

I heard London apartments are already so expensive to begin with and seeing that building kinda threw a whole bunch of numbers into the air. How much does it cost to live there? What kind of people are going to live there? Is this where the 1% lives? 

Holy fucking shit.

New Years in London

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you'd think that the mall would be my favourite place. but it isn't. it's the museum.



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As I get down one knee, its only natural that I throw up gang signs.


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